From investing wisely, putting your money to work for you as a passive investor and the legalities and tax requirements specific to real estate investments to market fluctuations, hot market segments and navigating SEC guidelines and requirements, Host Susan Colwell explains what you can expect from upcoming episodes of the Real Estate Investor Radio Podcast.

Susan Colwell is an active real estate investor and Principal Partner at TriStar Group—a Baltimore real estate development company created by Susan Colwell, Raphael Cassagnol and Steve Briggs—three seasoned, and individually successful real estate professionals who share a common belief in doing well by doing good.

The TriStar team works to generate current income and long-term wealth for investors while helping to revitalize the city of Baltimore. As a result, TriStar focuses on income-producing projects that improve the quality of life of the families and neighborhoods we serve. We acquire, renovate and manage individual row homes, duplexes and multi-family housing with a focus on government voucher programs and private guaranteed rent placements. We also acquire, renovate and manage a portfolio of vacation and corporate rental properties in Baltimore’s most desirable areas.

Each member of the team brings a unique skillset to this enterprise. In addition to their individual areas of expertise, all members have substantial building and general contracting experience—imperative for evaluating potential and successfully profiting from real estate projects. The Principals of TriStar Investing LLC have more than 73 years combined real estate experience and have completed more than 300 projects.

With over 20 years spent as a marketing and communications specialist and a decade spent as a home builder, Susan Colwell has a clear understanding of the construction industry and real-estate market fluctuations.  Susan also spent five years managing two successful vacation-rental companies; Shenview Property Management and River Bend Retreats—both catering to an upscale clientele. Her networking skills and in-depth knowledge of estimating, marketing, property management, communications and sales are tremendous assets in identifying and acting on lucrative investment cycles and attracting buyers, investors and renters. Susan manages marketing & PR, client and investor relations, vacation-rental sales, fund raising, and communications for TriStar. She also hosts Real Estate Investor Radio a podcast that teaches investors how to build wealth with real estate.


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