Susan talks with Bruce Jones, President and CEO of Tax Wealth—a tax analysis and solutions research company serving owners of real estate, privately-held businesses and other appreciated assets—about the pros and cons of 1031 exchange, deferred sales trusts, charitable tax planning, instalment sales and ways to legally and ethically mitigate taxes—saving thousands or sometimes hundreds of thousands—through proper tax planning.

Bruce Jones entered the financial services industry in 1970 and has taught the subjects of tax management and financial strategy planning since 1974. He is a Certified Tax Coach™, Chairman of the Strategy Planning Professional Advisory Council, an alliance of Tax and Estate Planning Attorneys, CPAs, Real Estate and other financial professionals, and a member of the Planned Gift Development Committee for St. Mary’s Medical Center Foundation in Long Beach, CA. Mr. Jones is also a co-founder of the Aliso Viejo (CA) Chamber of Commerce, writes on tax planning issues and speaks extensively on this topic at public and trade association forums.

You read right! As a part of Bruce’s extensive list of services, he provides a free analysis of your specific tax situation to learn if he can be of assistance to you. At the conclusion of this free evaluation, Bruce will share a one-page report outlining the strategies that could work to save you money before your next tax filing, or better yet, result in a refund for past years. It’s up to you if you implement the suggested strategies or not. Contact Bruce to learn more!

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